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More smart than the boss,
dyslexia in the workplace

Since 2003 Valk&Uil is involved in the support of adult dyslexics. The focus is mainly at the better sides of dyslexia. The statement is that dyslexia is not a defect but merely a difference. The failures at school and the inconveniences in further life are to be seen as result of having a different cognitive thinking and learning style. This different way of thinking asks for a different way of learning!

The Valk&Uil support and training makes use on the better side of dyslexia. You learn to recognise the different traits. Without too much emphasize on what goes wrong there will be build a new fundament in a different way of learning. You learn to make use of your own unique strengths. There are specific dyslexic qualities that you may recognise and may letting work for you.

It is a trap to get you to talk that you are less by others.

Look for your strengths

Accept - and learn to handle - your limitations

Become better at what you're good at!
Dyslexia affects a person's entire operation.

(Valk)Falcon & Uil (Owl) works with your strengths

If you understand the working of the dyslexic mind, You can recognize the possibilities!

Valk&Uil gives workshops and advise

It is fantastic

A former workshop participant from the course "dyslexia in college" At the university TU Delft


It may sound strange but often I think back to the course dealing with dyslexia. I really feel that I have come to understand myself better. And this helps in communicating with 'ordinary' people.
Sebastiaan Jansen